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Care Instructions for Cotton Tote (Unbleached)

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Usually, cotton fabric is bleached in the raw state (as yarns) or in pieces. This is how most of our day-to-day cotton clothing has its relaxed and wrinkle-free qualities. Did you know this process adds many chemicals to your clothing?

Knowing this, we created our unbleached cotton bag and it's free of chemicals. We are glad you choose this bag.

Care Instructions

You will need to take care of the bag well when washing as cotton yarns are in their raw form. But I promise you, if you take care of the bag right, it will last a long time. 

Handwash  & Air dry only.

Let the bag soak in water to remove any dirt. In the end, instead of squeezing the water out, Pull from both ends of the bags, it will remove some of the water out and let it line or hang dry.

Please note- If you scrunch and squeeze the water out of the bag while or after washing, it will cause the bag to slightly shrink, and also the bag will get wrinkly.

To avoid wrinkles follow the care instructions. In an event where the bag is fully wrinkled, iron the bag and it will be back to its original condition. 

This is a small price we have to pay to use the benefits for our health and environment.

This premium tote bag is stronger, durable, and made in Sri Lanka. 

Let's go "Back to Basics" for a healthier plant and healthier you!