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Veggie Welington

Veggie Welington

Veggie Welington

Veggie mixture

Finely chopped onion

Finely chopped Carrots



Garlic & Ginger

Salt & Pepper


Start by boiling potatoes.

Sautee garlic & ginger. Add in onion & chopped carrots. Add in spices, salt, pepper

Mash the potatoes into a paste. Mix the mashed potatoes into the mixture.

Note- there should be enough potatoes to make the mixture sticky & workable.

Cook for couple minutes, take off the heat, let it cool completely.  


Mushroom Filling

700g Chopped mushroom

1 Clove of garlic

Chopped chestnut or Brazil nuts

Salt & Pepper



Add everything into a food processor, Blitz into small pieces, closer to a paste. Add in the nuts, continue grinding into a finely chopped mixture.


Add everything into a hot pan to remove water. Dry (fry) the mushroom completely until water evaporated. Add in thyme.

Take off the heat, let it cool completely.  



1 vegan puff pastry- Thawed 



Sri Lankan veggie mixture. Shape it into a cylinder shape.

Layer long plastic wrap in the cutting board.

On the wrap, layer 3 rice paper wrappers (dip in hot water), overlap each other, place the mushroom mixture.

Layer the mushroom, spread thinly using back of the spoon, don’t go to the edge. (Leave ½ inch from the ends)

On top of that, keep in the cylinder shape veggie mix.

Fold one edge of the plastic wrap to get a grip, lift from the folded end, the wrap up & fold over the veggie mixture carefully. So, the rice paper & mushroom mix will go all the way over the veggie mixture, One fold.

Push & roll it nice and tight.

Now roll the rest of plastic wrap around.

Nip in from the ends, squeeze, wrap all the way around.

Now twist the edges of the cylinder shape.

Tighter it is, better the  

Place in the fridge for 15 minutes.

Once it’s set, carefully remove the plastic wrap.


Now layer another plastic wrap, on top of the wrap, layer the puff pastry

Place the cylinder shape mixture on top.  

Carefully roll the pastry sheet over the mixture until the edges meet.

Trim off the excess edges of pastry. Twist the edges of the pastry to ensure everything is sealed inside.

Again, wrap the plastic wrap as before. Over the pastry, pull it nice & tight. Twist the edges.

Tighter the wrap, better it is. Keep it in the fridge for 5 minutes or overnight.


Now Pre-heat the oven.

Remove the plastic wrap. Apply vegan butter (Optional)

Carve any shape you prefer. Back of the knife, one straight line in the middle, twist & mark both the sides. Spring salt.

Bake for 200 c for 30 minutes.

Rest for 10 minutes.

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